We may have already had a putsch

We may have already had a putsch

The issue in Politico is whether Trump and the GOP have so undermined the FBI that there can be no “impartial” investigation of Brett Kavanaugh.


Poltico’s reporting suggests that Kavanaugh is part of a well disciplined clique that includes Rosensten, Wray and Sessions. The clique goes under the patriotic name “Federalist Society,” but suggests that this group has already  taken over large parts of the American establishment.  They may be the “Deep State” Trump has claimed exists on the left.  Even of exaggerate it is a fact that the Federalist society now controls all judicial appointments as well as many poltical appointments under Trump.

If true we may have already had a putsch except for the inconvenient fact (if true) that Session, Rosenstein , and Wray have ethical codes.  Like some of the few who resisted similar efforts in Germany in the 30s and in Moscow after the October revolution, these three would have to be brave to stand up to a community that is disciplined as a political force.  Memories of Trotsky in exile and Iranian or Russian citizens mysteriously murdered in foreign countries are over the top but I still wonder.  
Before the right gets angry at me, I am not saying that the Federalist society is a formal cadre, but it appears that this self appointed, Koch funded group, has become a judicial arm of the far right as much as Fox news has become the media arm.

I wonder if some day, membership in the Federalist Society will be as incriminating as membership in the communist party.

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