Why I think single payer is a bad idea

Healthcare in the US costs at least twice what it does in other countries.   There is, however, no evidence that this problem would be solved by single payer. Contrary to the beliefs of many on the left, all the studies I read say that or costs are so high because we use more expensive services then other coutries and because our services cost two or three times what they cost elsewhere. The only way single payer could change that ius by price controls.

Meanwhile 1/3 of these other countries have private insurance.  There costs are lower because their systems encourage competition and because the care is universal.  The mandated basic helathcare alos encourages more selective use of services by the public.

I also worry that single payer would of necessity create a large govt bureaucracy with all the unneeded issues that brings.  This gets much worse if the single payer decides to institute price controls or limit services in the diver collection fo institutions that provide American health care.

Universal healthcare, probably with a public option, and regulated minimum plans is a simpler answer. If the private sector is better at cutting costs or offering services it would win.

Whats to lose?

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