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NOBEL PRIZE: Awarded for Tumor Immunology


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Poltical Correctness


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Democrats issue Kavanaugh impeachment warning

Amid growing concerns that Trump is trying to rig the reopened FBI background investigation of Brett Kavanaugh, Democrats — convinced Kavanaugh has lied in his confirmation hearings — used a Sunday television talk show to fire a warning shot across the GOP’s bow. If the Senate conf[...]

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Willie Nelson “VOTE EM OUT!”


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Donald Grump on Sesame Street

There have been three episodes of Ronald Grump on Sesame Street “Real estate tycoon Ronald Grump has announced plans to demolish Sesame Street and create a lavish new Grump Tower,” a dire Barbara Walters announced in 1994, at the beginning of the show’s 25th anniversary special. Like Trump, Gr[...]

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Wealth Tax!

I am less interested in how much income tax we pay then then I am in a wealth tax. Wealth increases have a much more important effect in society than income. Wealth is capital and capital controls society! Also, the 1% are smart enough to see that they are “paid” in wealth rather than in[...]