Poltical Correctness Undermines the Kavanaugh Hearings

How another Professor Was Punished for HIS act of Citizenship

Amidst the drama of the Senate Judiciary’s abysmal behavior toward Professor Blasely Ford, another story of sex abuse and political correctness is getting too little attention.

Michael Fischler is an award-winning professor of education at Plymouth State University. Plymouth is a public institution in New Hampshire.  Dr. Fischler founded this state school’s  Counseling and Human Relations Center, led it for four decades, and ultimately saw it officially renamed in his honor. Though emeritus he continue to teach.  BUT …

One of the graduates of the program has now admitted guilt in an affair she had as a teacher of a 14 year old boy. Another Plymouth faculty member wrote a letter where he addressed the question of whether the teacher was guilty even if the boy was the sexual aggressor.  That Professor has been banned from the Plymouth Campus.   Somehow the administration at Plymouth is also blaming Dr. Fischler. He  also provided a letter of support for this graduate with no opinion abut the teacher’s current issues.  Fischer’s letter said that the former student had been an excellent student and a talented counselor.  For this crime, the University is demanding that Dr, Fischler be sentenced to take sexual  conduct training.

The Fischler story is relevant to the Blasey Ford story because of the academic setting.  Dr. Ford is an accomplished statistician specializing in psychology.  She is a highly respected academic in field where facts are critical.  Her credibility as an academic matters.  Fischler’s story undermines the credibility of any university as a place that honors  academic discipline and academic free speech.

I suspect Professor Christine Blasey Ford has been fully truthful about Kavanaugh’s action back when she was at a Catholic Girl School.  I suspect the future judge was an oversexed teen aged boy.  Whatever the dynamics of the relationships between an all boys catholic school and a sister catholic school for all girls,  I am more upset about the toxic mix of political correctness and abuse by the GOP who ohso generously is willing to have her testify while refusing to ask the the obvious questions about whether this was an isolated incident or part of a pattern of behavior by the young Brett.  The effort to avoid that issue is frankly sexist.  Providing cover by not asking about sexual dynamics at all boy and all girl religious schools just makes it worse. The story may well continue to Judge Kavanaugh’s time at Yale where he was part of a fraternity with a terribly sexist image.

If Blasey Ford’s story is true, Kavanaugh’s denials, more than the facts, make him unfit to be on the court.

Political correctness contaminates the the Kavanaugh hearings because it provides a cover for avoiding questions about whether Kavanaugh’s schools, including Yale,  themselves had toxic problems  with sex.    Plymouth owes Dr. Fischler an apology and the Senate should, as Dr. Blasey Ford has requested, honor her request for the FBI to find out whether this story tells us something relevant to making this man a justice on the Supreme Court.



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