Trump celebrates 9/11 with fist pumps

You’d think he was on his way to a campaign rally instead of a solemn observance on the 17th anniversary of the worst terrorist attack against the American people in our history. As he deplaned in Pennsylvania enroute to the Flight 93 Memorial for ceremonies, Trump flashed his airport supporters a vigorous double fist pump, as if he had just won something. From that expression, it’s surprising he didn’t fling them an air kiss, too. This after spending the morning tweeting angrily about the investigations of him and his crooked cronies. Needless to say, the world noticed this guy can’t seem to get out of his “Me me me me me” box, under any circumstances or on any occasion, and sharp criticism is flooding in from all quarters. But the world needs to have limited expectations about this stuff, where this guy is concerned. It’s who he is.




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