Trump to supporters: It’ll be your fault if I’m impeached

How Trumpian is that?

Of course, there’s a context: He means if they don’t turn out and vote, resulting in Congress falling into Democratic hands, because “that’s the only way it could happen.” Read story here.

His confidence that members of his own party won’t impeach him or vote for his removal probably is justified for now, but Nixon’s party eventually turned against him, forcing his resignation. The GOP seems to have very few scruples as regards Trump, but there’s probably a limit of some sort somewhere, although it more likely would involve a policy disagreement than Trump’s racism, lack of ethics, conflcits of interest, erratic behavior, or further revelations by Mueller’s investigation.

But context aside, it would be perfectly in character for Trump to blame his supporters if he’s tossed out of office. After all, this is a man who doesn’t take responsibility for anything whatsoever. The last thing he would ever do is attribute his failures to his own bad judgment or bad behavior. Trump always blames someone else for anything that goes wrong.

And therein lies the President’s achilles heel. The people working for him know perfectly well he doesn’t have their back, and all it takes for them to be thrown under the bus is a random fit of temper, of the sort they witness every day at work. We already know they’re not prepared to defend a man who won’t protect them — they’re talking about him behind his back. To reporters, to authors, to anyone who will listen. When push comes to shove — when crunch time arrives — nobody will have his back.

Remember, practically all of these people have deep connections within the GOP. If a time comes when the party’s top power brokers conclude that Trump is no longer useful, they will protect the party’s interests and their own careers, and Trump — the maverick, the loner, the friendless man who uses people and repays loyalty to no one — will likely find himself all alone.


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