The guessing game

Everyone — not least Donald Trump — wants to know who the author of the anonymous NYT op-ed is. Every news website has a list of potential suspects. Trump has enlisted the FBI — yes, that FBI — to help him find the perp.

For us mere spectators, it’s like reading a crime mystery novel, or playing the old board game “Clue.” (If you remember that one, you’re as old as me.)

In these venues, it’s a game of logical deduction, a process of elimination. A corollary of Occam’s Razor proposes the most obvious suspect is the right one.

So, whoooo could it be? Whoooo has Trump repeatedly humiliated, demeaned, and denigrated? Whoooose loyalty has been stretched to the limit? Whoooo is likely to soon lose his job anyway? In short, whoooo has a tattered reputation to salvage, a motive for revenge, and little or nothing left to lose?

I have my idea about that. What’s yours?

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