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Kavanaugh is lying to Congress. GOP senators likely will confirm him anyway.

Nothing like an untruthful judge on the Supreme Court. Mother Jones specifies five lies Brett Kavanaugh has told under oath in his Supreme Court confirmation hearings. Details here. All indications are he’ll be confirmed anyway, without a single dissenting GOP vote. Dishonesty no longer is [...]

September 7th, 2018 - 9:12 am § in Donald Trump

The guessing game

Everyone — not least Donald Trump — wants to know who the author of the anonymous NYT op-ed is. Every news website has a list of potential suspects. Trump has enlisted the FBI — yes, that FBI — to help him find the perp. For us mere spectators, it’s like reading a crime[...]

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Trump to supporters: It’ll be your fault if I’m impeached

How Trumpian is that? Of course, there’s a context: He means if they don’t turn out and vote, resulting in Congress falling into Democratic hands, because “that’s the only way it could happen.” Read story here. His confidence that members of his own party won’t im[...]