Claims election is a ‘referendum’ on free speech and freedom of religion 

Equates Democrats to Antifa; warns evangelicals of violence against their congregations if Democrats win in November

Good God Almighty, this man is sick. Lord please help us.

You could almost see blood oozing from his eyes and mouth. In a closed door meeting on Monday with evangelical leaders, Trump was in vampire mode, pleading for their help in getting out the religious vote in November by “warning of dire consequences to their congregations” if Republicans lose the midterm elections.

Someone recorded the meeting and captured Trump’s remarks.

He said, “This November 6 election is very much a referendum on not only me, it’s a referendum on your religion, it’s a referendum on free speech and the First Amendment. It’s a referendum on so much. It’s not a question of like or dislike, it’s a question that they will overturn everything that we’ve done and they will do it quickly and violently. And violently. There is violence. When you look at Antifa — these are violent people. You have to hopefully get out and get people to support us. If you don’t, that will be the beginning of ending everything that you’ve gotten.”

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