The Evils Done to Africans by Christian Racism

Racism, IS a huge issue. The false idea that there are human races has the same effect as the NEWSPEAK memes in Orwell. If you says Peace=War, then you can not discuss war. Trump does this too … the NYT is “fake news.”


“Race” … to my knowledge, first appeared in the 1500s during the Inquisition.  In an effort to root out hidden Jews, the Inquisition decided that inheritance of a “drop of blood” tainted even the most devout Christianized Jew with blood guilt.  Conversos were banned from many jobs and even enslaved.  When Jewish slaves proved to die too easily on Spanish colonial farms, Spain invented black chattel slavery, again based on the idea that black decent, race, made these humans a form of cattle.  The heritage of that ohso Christian idea seeded colonial America with a disease we still have not eradicated.

300 years aster the Inquisition, this noxious concept became pseudo-scientific fact when German scientists decided that humans could be divided into races with the “caucasian” race as the most evolved.  Jews, of course, were somehow of a different race with inherited meanness and dubious intellects.  All dark  skinned races were inferior and in need of white man;s help.

The facts here are that there was no  GENETIC or BIOLOGIC meaning to the terms “black” and “white.” My genome includes the cro magnon, the first homo sapiens to be seen in Europe. We now think these folks had black  skin but also blue eyes. Does that make them “black?” If so a large part of modern white Europeans are “black” because they share my cro magnon genome.  
Meanwhile racists do very weird things .. looking at statues from pre-Columbian America and deciding the statues “look” black even though we know from genetics of indigenous Americans that their ancestors came from Asia.   One of my favorite things is to ask folks what “race” this Maori man is?  He looks ‘black.” That is true but genetics show that the Maori are descended from the Polynesians … an Asian root.
Of course not being a biological term does not mean “race” is not real. If Chinazor Onianwah and I go into a room, folks will see him as black and me as white. Those folks will often make decisions about us based on that appearance. That bigotry is embedded in our society and is usually horrid … but it is real.  Sadly, these same folks will likely see Chinazor as African-American, losing their chance to benefit from my friend’s knowledge of his deep Igbo heritage.   
That heritage is part of why I despise racism.  I so respect Chinazor for what I call root. As a Jew I am fortunate to have a very deep root .. a heritage backed up by writing, archaeology and now genetics, that is about 3 to 5 thousand years long. Irene Alechenu Ella and her coterie of Chinazor’s Facebook page, are upset about my root, claiming is is a Jewish hoax.  These Nigerians seem to think there is a big issue that my ancestors may have been “black.” Frankly, I am not interested in their skin color except to the extent I can learn about this by genetics .. it is the heritage, the root that matters. What is ohso sad to me is to see how Irene’s own root has been destroyed by Christian myths … stories from the flood about Shem and Ham are more real to her then the realities of archaeology and genetics.  Worse yet, her own true root is lost in this tangle of missionary-fed African Christianity. 
This is why I give Chinazor Onianwah a hard time about his own Christian roots.  Even though he claims now to be an atheist, my friend is often critical of Israel as if somehow the Zionism was tainted by the fact that is is a movement of the people described in the Christian bible.  I say “Christian” because of the fact that Chinazor accepts a lot of the spin that the Christian version of what they call an “old testament” puts on concepts like the the “chosen people,” or the idea of a messiah.  Israel’s role as a state built around a people, a role shared with France, Russia, Sweden, Tibet, Biafra, Iran … is somehow not good because Israel is special because of the stories in the “bible. ”   
As a post-colonial African, Chinazor’s root has been bloodied by the ohso successful efforts of “white” Europeans not only to spread their religion but to wipe out the precious African  heritage.  As a Jew I  wished the Christians would leave OUR myths alone and wonder about other deep roots that were lost in Africa! How many great teachers, how many goddesses and gods, have been sacrificed on the arrogant and bloody cross of Christianity?

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