MAGA: Making Asbestos Great Again

Trump claims asbestos is “safe,” wants to reintroduce asbestos to consumer goods; a Russian asbestos mining company will benefit

The Trump administration wants to relax restrictions on asbestos. He falsely claimed asbestos is “100% safe” in his 1997 book “The Art of the Deal.” A Russian asbestos mining company is praising the move, and even putting Trump’s picture on its product. Read that story here.

Trump’s EPA has proposed a rule change that will allow asbestos back into consumer goods, and also announced it “will not review exposures from abandoned uses of asbestos,” according to CBS News. Read that story here.

Linda Reinstein, of the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization, accused EPA of ignoring the “science, history, and carnage that asbestos has caused,” and pointed to a “global consensus that there is no safe level of asbestos exposure or controlled use of asbestos.”

Chelsea Clinton tweeted that “the Trump administration is #MAGA or making asbestos great again.”

Read the proposed asbestos rule here, which is open for public comment through August 10.


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