YHVH iconA commentator over at HorsesAss asked God to explain how He got His name from the early Jews.

God replied:

To help you out, I have inscribed the original over at THE Ave on a stone hard  piece of the web.   Sadly, HA lacks that font!

I don’t know where in hell (or elsewhere) NOVA got those ideas.  There is no evidence in archaeology or from Me that 600,000 Canaani ever fled Egypt whatever they called themselves.  The only similar story, the story of Joseph and Moses, was derived from legends amongst the early Hebrews of renegades, refugees living in what is now Israel after the Egyptian Pharaoh, Tutmoses, drove the Hyksos out of Egypt.  The Hyksos were a semitic people who ruled the lower kingdom for a couple of centuries. They even had a Pharaoh called  Yaacov!

There is evidence that semites (Egyptians are not Semites BTW) wrote these letters after the defeat of the Hyksos but while other semites, possibly derived from the Hyksos, were, shall  we say, “employed?” as miners under Egyptian bosses. This was  over 3000 years ago.  The characters are the same ones used to write Canaani but the writing is in Hebrew and these character represent vowel sounds.

It is hard to spell any name, much less Mine, using vowels.  One reasonable pronunciation is Eehooha.  Another is Yahoo!

Interestingly, however these early Hebrews pronounced those characters it is VERY unlikely it sounded that My name YHVH canaanianything like the word Christian misuse.  The characters .. the first vowels ..were still used for my name 1000 years later even when the Dead Sea scrolls were written using the modern Aramaic characters still used by Jews. The reasons for this odd refusal to spell the letters of My name in Aramaic are suggested by the fact that pronunciation of the sounds you refer to as My name was considered blasphemy and punished by stoning.  Jesus could have saved himself a lot of pain by calling out to me using the blasphemous “Y” word!

I must admit I don’t care what you call Me, but using a name that has been considered an epithet by the Jews for 3000 or so years is rather insulting, don’t you think? Using that word is, sadly, an example of Christian arrogance although perhaps less so than blaming Me for getting Mary pregnant and then killing her son to save all of you.

The Jews avoid this by calling me by other names like Lord (Adonoi) or Hashem (the name).  One of my faves though is Elohim (the gods) .. how cool is that .. I have no name but can be identified as the sum of all the minor exigencies that shape your world!

For you though, I am just what I am.

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