Putin admits he wanted Trump to win

Watch the video from NBC News here. Even Republicans are criticizing Trump’s performance in Helsinki; two GOP senators called it “bizarre” and “shameful.” Read this story here and here. Putin’s confession contradicts Trump’s previous assertions that Putin wanted Hillary to win; see, e.g., the videos here and here.

By now, everyone who isn’t in self-denial realizes Trump is a blowhard who exaggerates and lies to score cheap political points. Until now, Republicans have coped with it by ignoring the flood of nonsense pouring out of Trump’s mouth and emphasizing his policy achievements, such as they are (e.g., trashing the environment).

But sucking up to the murderous dictator ruling over America’s principal Cold War adversary and blaming Putin’s misdeeds on America seems to be more than they can bear. Now, the GOP’s bargain with the Devil is coming apart at the seams. Who foresaw that happening? Well, almost everyone who isn’t a blindfolded Republican sheep follower did.

In other words, we told you so.

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