Response to a Trumpie

Roy got very upset when I posted this picture on FB with quotes from Norway’s Quisling. Roy proudly touts his Norwegian roots, somehow forgetting that today’s Norway is the most anti Trump and most socialist country in Europe. Roy also forgets, that Quisling pitched his support for Hitler in terms of what we wold today call white pride.

Roy Hjalseth a Trumpie and (sic) gun nut on FB, is calling me anti American and a pro communist because I see the 21st century, post Trump, as Chinese.  

My response:  YOU are and have been very, very anti American. That is what Trumpism is.  Your leader stands against free speech, freedom from religion, opportunity for all, and the democratic process itself.  He has no peer amongst even the worst of our previous presidents except Andrew Jackson and James Polk who carried on racist genocide and imperial expansion that any true American should now remember in shame.
As for China, you demean them … pointing out the atrocities of Mao and the fact that there still are a lot of poor Chinese.  All true, but  are you blind to the great success since the quiet revolution under Deng?  ?
Of course I do not like their system. But, does that allow me to be so stupid as to deny success?  If you are a good leader in Latin America or Africa where woudl you turn for a model?  Trumpism?
As for the next 100 years, what allies do we still have? Do you actually think in any sort of dispute (N Korea, South China Sea, Iran, Indian Ocean, Venezuela, Africa) , any of the democracies will stand with Trump?  Even of he is dumped, will the damaged America be a beacon of light? 
Look with open eyes at today’s world. As China grows and India joins that club, their markets will overshadow the US. If you were a German company or an entrepreneur in Kenya, where would you look for your future?  If you were a military foe, say of Iran or Ethiopia, where would you turn for an alliance? 

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