A Facebook Post: The Trumpie Support for an American Version of the KGB

Hjalseth gets quite angry when I point out his resemblance to the Nazi who ruled Norway during WWII. Roy;s defense is that his parent were anti Nazi.

Roy Hjalseth, a Trumpeter who looks a lot like aQuisling, is trolling me again, he wants to ask if I support ICE?

Typical Trumpeter question.  Like asking a German in 1935 whether he supports the gestapo?

I am actually pretty conservative  on immigration.  I would like it well controlled as it is in Canada or even in Germany.  BUT border patrol and immigration control do not require a gestapo that claims the right to demand identity from Americans riding a bus or even enter our homes with no warrant.

ICE is something quite different. Did you know I was arrested in Seattle by an off shoot of ICE. This “Federal Protective Service” wore uniforms with no identification of who they are and claimed authority over the Seattle Police. I researched these folks, they are effectively an American secret police, Their stated principles do not include the US Constitution.

That OK with you?

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