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Republicans can’t pretend they’re pro-military anymore

Trump is kicking loyal immigrants who swore allegiance to America out of the armed forces “For more than a decade, the U.S. has offered immigrants who join the military a fast track to citizenship. But now, some immigrant recruits and reservists say they’ve been abruptly discharged with[...]

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A Facebook Post: The Trumpie Support for an American Version of the KGB

Roy Hjalseth, a Trumpeter who looks a lot like aQuisling, is trolling me again, he wants to ask if I support ICE? Typical Trumpeter question.  Like asking a German in 1935 whether he supports the gestapo? I am actually pretty conservative  on immigration.  I would like it well controlled as it is[...]

July 6th, 2018 - 8:16 am § in Donald Trump

Trump Declares War on China

TRADE WAR CHINA... DEFICIT RISES SHARPLY... Tariffs on $500 billion worth of goods? Beijing hits back... Confusion at ports... Oil markets more tense... China military reforms to 'WIN A WAR' and overtake USA revealed in leaked memo...   [...]

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PHOTOGRAPHY: Summer Time Driving


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Response to a Trumpie

Roy Hjalseth a Trumpie and (sic) gun nut on FB, is calling me anti American and a pro communist because I see the 21st century, post Trump, as Chinese.     My response:  YOU are and have been very, very anti American. That is what Trumpism is.  Your leader stands against free speech, freedom fr[...]

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Gay Cake