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WSU’s Mike Leach falls for fake Obama video

Cougar coach swallowed aging internet hoax WSU’s head football coach Mike Leach is an ardent Trump supporter. That made him an easy mark for a hoax video using edited footage to make it sound like President Obama said, in a 2014 Brussels speech, that Americans are “too small-minded to go[...]

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Donald Trump Sounds Drunk … or ?????

Robert Sargent FACEBOOK  · Monday 18 June 2018 Just now, from our national embarrassment, President Donald J. Tump. A typically rambling, halting, dissembling, dishonest, xenophobic rant… (meticulously transcribed) “…I’ll say it very straight. Immigration, is the fault, and[...]

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Defending the rights to do business while Jewish.

Avi Ibrahim Balser FACEBOOK I believe in total freedom to do business with whomever you please. That should be no law demanding that your do business with people you don’t want to do business with. That would be cruel tyranny. Yes sometimes life is not freaking fair. Live with it. I will fig[...]