MAGA: Trump surprises with pledge to end military exercises in South Korea

In a gesture utterly worthy of Neville Chamberlain, Donald Trump announced the unilateral ending of joint military exercise in South Korea.  North Korea offered no actions in return other than a promise of peace.  Our allies were not told of Trump’s decisions.  Meanwhile, Russia and China have already relaxed sanctions with the apparent implicit consent of Trump.  Trump is also asking Japan to give up its own plutonium reserves.

Meanwhile even the far right is upset.  Ultra conservative Ben Shapiro went on Fox and Friends on Tuesday and threw cold water on the president’s big summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. The Foxies defended Trump!


From a purely visual perspective, the red, white and blue and the stars of the American and North Korean flags could not have been better coordinated — at times, it seemed the two countries’ flags were playing an optical illusion of merging into one. Oh, the irony.


Der Spiegel: It’s Time to Isolate Donald Trump

After that $20 million summit bill, with the stature of the United States of America — particularly the prestige of the office of the US president – at stake, plus the trust and security concerns of Washington’s allies in East Asia, experts assessed that the unprecedented Trump-Kim meeting in Singapore didn’t amount to much.

NK News: “Greatest achievement” of summit was trust-building between Kim, Trump: Seoul

XINHUA  DPRK agrees with U.S. to complete denuclearization in exchange for security guarantees


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