How Trump Sold Kim a Hotel

RT  “Will this leader choose to advance his country and be part of a new world? Be the hero of his people?” the voiceover asks. “Will he shake the hand of peace and enjoy prosperity like he has never seen? A great life, or isolation? Which path will be chosen?”


Hotels, beaches & boats: Overly dramatic VIDEO for Kim shows Trump’s vision of nuke-free N. Korea

A still frame from President Trump’s video presentation to Kim Jong-un © The White House / Twitter

After both leaders took tentative steps towards peace on the Korean peninsula, Trump told the press that a video presentation for Kim showing the economic benefits of a sanctions-free future helped sway the North Korean leader.

Meanwhile Ivanka made up a faux chinese proverb to celebrate the event.  ““Those who say it can not be done, should not interrupt those doing it.” -Chinese Proverb              In China, Ms. Trump’s tweet baffled, with some calling it a “fake proverb.”  On popular social media sites like Weibo, tens of thousands of people discussed genuine Chinese sayings that might convey something similar to Ms. Trump’s post. Some suggested classic idioms like “A true gentleman should keep silent while watching a chess game.” Others pointed to more informal phrases that are popular in China, such as “If you can do it, do it; if you can’t, shut up.” Ms. Trump, as first daughter and a senior adviser to her father, has frequently emphasized her connection to China and Chinese culture. She hired a Chinese-speaking nanny to tutor her daughter, Arabella. She has cultivated a loyal following among young Chinese women, many of whom admire her success in starting a fashion brand and see her as a symbol of elegance.

The Hollywood-style video opens with a dramatic gravel-throated voiceover that portrays Kim as a leader with a choice to make: Embrace cooperation or embrace destruction. A montage of the two leaders gives way to images of explosions as Kim’s choice is explained.

The video then shows a beach resort with hotels and a yacht marina, as speedboats skip across the blue-green water. After showing the video, Trump told the press that North Korea’s current artillery proving grounds would make great five-star developments.

“They have great beaches! You see that whenever they’re exploding the cannons into the ocean, right?” Trump told reporters. “So I said, [to Kim] ‘Boy, look at that view. Wouldn’t that make a great condo behind.”

Trump implored Kim to think like a billionaire, not a dictator, and swap his missile tests for high-rise property development: “Instead of doing that you could have the best hotels in the world right there. Think of it from a real estate perspective,” the former tycoon said.

The four-minute video was played in both Korean and English, and a copy was given to Kim’s team in both digital and VHS formats, the White House team perhaps assuming that Kim needed an old-school way of viewing it again.

“I tell you what,” said Trump. “He [Kim] looked at that tape, he looked at that iPad. And I’m telling you they really enjoyed it, I believe… it captures a lot, captures what can be done.”

Channeling his inner executive, Trump explained how North Korea’s location between two major economic powers could make it a goldmine for tourism.

“You have South Korea, you have China and they own the land in the middle. How bad is that, right? It’s great!”

Despite Trump’s swagger, it may be a long time before cranes start appearing on the North Korean coast. US sanctions on North Korea will remain in place until Kim abandons his nuclear weapons, something he is unlikely to do until the US can guarantee his regime’s safety.

Trump predicted that the two leaders would meet again “many times,” and told reporters that Kim has already accepted an invitation to come to the White House “at the appropriate time.”

“A new world can begin today, one of friendship, respect and goodwill. Be part of that world, where the doors of opportunity are ready to be opened,” the dramatic video implores Kim.

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