(Jan 1, 2016)   William John Carns went to meet his bride in heaven today. Born in a cabin with a dirt floor, he dropped out of the tenth grade to work in the woods and got drafted to fight Nazis instead. He met the love of his life in England preparing to land at Normandy on D-Day. Four years in Europe is a long time for a Lewis County farm boy. So after the war he brought grandma home to run the family dairy. He worked from sun up until sun down for almost fifty years. A giant of a man, his demeanor was as easy as his stature was imposing. Bill Carns was one of the hardest men I’ve known and also one of the gentlest. He loved his family, worked diligently and served his country, all faithfully. I never saw him angry or heard him complain, not once. It’s hard to see a man you consider a giant so frail and weak. Even in the end, all ever he wanted to do was go home. Today he did.

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