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Texas school shooter ID’d

“Police have taken Dimitrios Pagourtzis into custody and believe he is the sole gunman responsible for the mass shooting at Santa Fe High School that left at least 10 dead and 10 more wounded,” USA Today reported. CNN says the shooter was injured. Another student described as an R[...]

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Woman with slave girl in the mid 19th century, New Orleans. Should the U.S. provide reparations for slavery and Jim Crow? Carlton Mark Waterhouse, Indiana University More than 150 years of scholarship and activism hasn’t brought us any closer to consensus.[...]

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Another Day, Another School, 10 More Dead Kids

Law enforcement sources confirm “multiple fatalities” at the high school in Santa Fe, Texas (near Galveston) and say a shooter is in custody. News sources report 9 deaths and say an officer was injured. Meanwhile, President Trump is heading today to an NRA speaking engagement, seeking vo[...]

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Republicans sacrifice Dreamers to midterms

Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), the House majority leader, says he won’t support a bipartisan deal on DACA because it could depress Republican turnout in this fall’s midterm elections. Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) wants to pass a “Dreamer” bill before he retires from Congress next Januar[...]

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When The Silent Middle is Told to F— Off

Political Correctness[...]

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THE-Ave Challenge: Whereisit?


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THE-Ave Challenge: Whereisit?


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Is Michael Cohen Dead Yet?

Milo Samardzija (FACEBOOK) The day after Sidney Korshak, legendary fixer for the Chicago mob, died in 1996, a reporter asked one of his underworld contacts if he had any colorful Korshak stories. “I ain’t saying nothing about Korshak.” “Why not? He’s dead.” “[...]

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The Hundreth Anniversary: When Georgia Lynched a Pregnant Woman