Well, in four days my period of banishment will be past. What happened?

One of the people in my timeline posted some pretty over the top antisemitism.  The post was not quite explicit enough to merit reporting to the FB monitors, not a direct death threat against me (though I have had those), nor an oath to kill all the Jews, but the sort of thing about Jews being a despicable race needing actions by the white folks.

What to do?  This person was not new to my threads and usually I do not censor. I value free speech BUT …

I decided to ridicule this jerk by quoting his cite, using the canonical “” followed by a “s–g H–l.”  I pretty much assumed that the  fellow would take the message.  Instead Facebook banned me!  So sad. 30 days. 4 days to go.

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  1. Mike Beasley #

    Wow, I look forward to seeing you back. Based on your explanation, I don’t get the banishment. Bummer. I hope all is and remains well with you, man.

  2. theaveeditor #

    Well. I think there are real issues with FB. Im plan on writing about that but for now there is a large backlog on TA that will be reposted at FB.

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