Can Trump Take The Stage as a World Leader?

This is high stakes, end of the world, diplomacy.

Whatever you think of Trump, talking with Kim Jung Un could be the event that puts DJT into history, for good or bad!

The problem is that Trump is about as ignorant as any  one can be about foreign policy.  The Koreas are only part of the problem.   Any real deal with Kim needs to consider Chinese hegemony and Russian imperialism. That might not matter except that with ALL of the competent US advisers on NK have quit or been fired!

The rules for Dear Leader Kim come down to SURVIVAL OF THE DYNASTY.  But, that survival will be by China’s rules.  China wants North Korea to stay as is for two too for two reasons: 1. Xi does not want a refugee crisis on China’s border.  2. Xi does not  want a united Korea that would rival China as a commercial power.

So, Xi will want the US to withdraw and BOTH  Koreas to  demilitarize, trading China as a guarantor of security for the US.  All of this in the context of Trump’s exit form TPP and the growing  power of China in the South China Sea means … Taiwan and Japan inevitably become parts of the new Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere!

Russia will play its  cards too.  Siberia and Mongolia, Russia;s back yard and source of capital, are on the table too.  Russia will want the same things as Chia, BUT Putin will want to play a role in the security arrangements as well.  Imaging Vladivistok becoming the hoke of an active Pacific fleet flying the Russian tricolor!

With all that, who will ‘esplain to the Donald?   Who is left? Tillerson, Haley .. neither has any experience with the Koreas. Miller and the Brightbart crew??? Bannon?? Kushners??? Dennis Rodman? Conway? Hannity?

The closest he may get is advice from President Moon. Moon, of course represents KOREAN interests.

I am sure President Xi and Prime Minister Abe will help, BUT .. they represent their interests.
Xi, Moon, Abe and Putin are smarter than Trump and have very smart, have strong advisers.

Who advises T?

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