I am scared because of DNA. The pig DNA will now be alive in people. There is no way to be sure that this DNA will not get free and insert itself into its human hosts. In fact that is how the HIV virus arose .. humans ate green money meat and a virus that was benign in the monkey got loose, mutated and caused an epidemic.
HIV is a virus and the Japanese claim they found only one similar virus, a retro virus, in their pigs. I am skeptical. We know too little about the ability of viruses to move between cells to take a risk like this.
I am hardly one to spread Frankenstein movies.  But we do live in a small world and not worrying about irresponsible biologists is just plain naive.  Not to exaggerate, I do not know what can happen but .. Margaret Atwood’s book is worth a read .. 

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  1. Roger Rabbit #

    I wondered why some people are pigs. Now I know.