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Best of Drudge

Humans Breeding with Chimps Fighting Irish Mascot Offensive to Irish Hearing Voices Sign Of Well-Tuned Brain… Mysterious orange crocodiles mutating into new species… ‘8-mile pyramid’ discovered at bottom of ocean…[...]

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My Dream Party … The Opportunists

Like many others today, I think we need a third party. My choice?  I want to return to the American roots .. the heroes of 1775 fought not just against the King, they fought for te freedom of opportunity. The founders, the first capital A, Americans, wanted to be  free to exploit the gifts of [&he[...]

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World’s Biggest Private Jet Sold

Alwaleed Sells Airbus A380 Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Al-Saud, the world’s 15th-richest person, sold his Airbus A380 jet plane four years ago. According to Shadi Sanbar, chief financial officer of the billionaire’s Kingdom Holdings Co.. the Prince used the proceeds from the sale to expand his inv[...]