South Carolina: How to tell a Lady KKK from a Guy KKK? Answer ..she is wearing the sash!



 I Know How to Tell a Boy Krab from a Girl Krab but how do you tell a Lady Klan from a Guy Klan?  

Now they are doing to take off their hoods!

Channel 8 of GASTON, SC (WIS) -reports that The Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan plan to rally next Saturday at the South Carolina State House to send the message of “white pride” but not hate.  The Lady Klan here, the Imperial Kommander Amanda Lee for the Palmetto State (rightt and short),  and says the klan will be unhooded for this event but some may carry cncealed arms and will use them id provoked by black folks.

“It broke all of our hearts that they made a decision. The government, instead of being for the people and what the people want, they take it upon themselves to make the decision for us.”

The Columbia’s city council has placed a temporary weapons ban around the State House in apparent violation of the Second Amendment.

We can be proud that the Klan has discovered the leadership qualities of the Lady Klan!




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