WA Ranks #8 As Best State

Image result for washington stateTravel site THRILLIST ranks all 50 for their contributions to America, so think inventions, food/drink, somewhat productive famous people, unique physical beauty, etc.

8. Washington

Did you know there are temperate rainforests in the state most often confused with a district very far from it?!!? Or that it’s the largest producer of both hops and spearmint oil?!? Or that Seattle would be the greatest city in the US if it didn’t rain for 10 straight months and Seahawk fans would occasionally just chill out and stop yelling, and you could just take those ferries Meredith Grey uses in that show about her body parts all the freaking time? Well it would. Also, according to that book Boys in the Boat, its crew team beat Hitler or something.

Oh and the other place Boeing builds planes?  South Carolina came in with #39 and the comment “On the one hand there’s Charleston. On the other hand there’s … everything else.”

1. Michigan —-  50. Florida,

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