CLEAN DACA … and then ….

 Trump did it again.  With 80 % of Americans in support of legalizing the DACA children, he gave a spiel about Mexican gangs.  His press arm … the Alt News media, meanwhile, managed to find two (out of 2 million) DACA recipients involved in  people smuggling.

This is his pattern.  Trump demonizes people, making rational solutions impossible.

Right now what we need is simple:

1. Clean DACA. These kids are Americans and everyone agrees on that. So we do it now!

then 2.

2. Rational debate on immigration reform. We can model ourselves after Canada … merit based. We can also felonize illegal employment.

The debate then would be a valid one.

Do we want to prioritize the PhD from Nigeria or the couisin oif a Guatemalan immigrant?


The Guatamalan is a great hard working immigrant. She wants to reunify with her family! That is policy we have followed for 50 years.

So, we pass a clean and simple bill legalizing the DACA kids and then we have a real, rational debate on how many immigrants and what sort of immigrants we want.  Oh, and we change the blame game by making employment of an illegal a felony!

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