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Where lost socks go


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When Antisemitism Becomes Racism

An excellent essay on the question of whether Jews are an indigenous people.  GREAT READ![...]

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CLEAN DACA … and then ….

 Trump did it again.  With 80 % of Americans in support of legalizing the DACA children, he gave a spiel about Mexican gangs.  His press arm … the Alt News media, meanwhile, managed to find two (out of 2 million) DACA recipients involved in  people smuggling. This is his pattern.  Trump d[...]

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Photography: 60 years later Feb. 1. Anniversary of Eddie Adams’ photograph.  [...]

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Anniversary of a book

16 years ago, on February 1st, journalist Daniel Pearl was murdered in Afghanistan. His wife gave birth to a son, Adam Daniel Pearl, 4 months after Daniel’s death. His father Judea Pearl, is a leader on the creation of artificial intelligence, a winner of the Turing Award.   Judeah has also c[...]