EPA boss backs down on Bristol Bay mine

In a stunning reversal, Trump’s EPA appointee, Scott Pruitt, has backed away from approving the Pebble Mine in the headwaters of Bristol Bay, Alaska, home of the world’s largest and most important sockeye salmon fishery. Last year, Pruitt prompted an outcry by deciding to rescind Obama-era protections for the fishery, which has produced over 2 billion salmon, after meeting with the boss of the mining company. But Alaska’s governor and over 40 members of Congress objected, and Pruitt now says the rescission of those clean water rules will be “considered” and there will be a public comment period. This doesn’t mean the mine permits are dead, but it does suggest their approval is no longer a sure thing. Read story here.

Photo: Aerial view of the proposed mine site; the buildings are a work camp.

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