Image result for simple DACANOW, the issue is simple.
The DP must push for a clean DACA.
The GOP will push to tie that to other issues, esp expanded issues in re immigration. 

These issues matter to both parties BUT, the DP needs to make it clear that the immediate issue are the children brought here, illegally, but not by there choice.  Happily these kids were raised as Americans and now 90% of the country want the “kids” to become legal residents and hopefully full fledged citizens! 

The GOP will try to block a simple DACA, despite the overwhelming support from their own party.  McConnel, Ryan and Trump will insist on linking DACA to bigger issues.  They will argue, correctly, that a simple DACA  opens major issues .. how does it effect the families of DACA kids? Are you we to extend legal status to the moms and dads and older brothers and sisters of the DACA “kids?” While those are valid questions, the debate is endless.

 The Democrats could easily make an error by taking this bait!  The pro immigrant DP is going to fight against the Trump wall, merit based immigration, untrammeled (and unconstitutional) powers for the INS.  Te fight on these issues is worthy but , I suspect, these issues can be solved if the dysfunctional Trump can stay out of things.

BUT, this will take time and in the meantime DACA can fail.


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