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SUNDAY REVELATIONS: Cryonic heaven, no angels or virgins.

by: Valerie Barbaro Published in the July / August 2011 Humanist When I was seventeen, my boyfriend at the time, Jon, showed me a movie he and his friends had made about the cryogenically frozen head of Walt Disney. The plot revolved around the evil high jinks of the reanimated (and still disembodie[...]

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A “friend” on Facebook asked me if I believed that the “Bible” was the revealed truth of God. Since I know this “friend” is a Christian, I answered as follows:   Well .. if you mean the Roman Bible … the one with miscellaneous pieces of Jewish history a[...]

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One problem non scientists fail to understand is that “science” is not a community of unrelated disciplines. Science is a series of interlocking disciplines. So, while I am not a “climate scientist” I am a life scientist and know that my colleagues who do quantum mechanics, a[...]