Time to call out the GOP for its lack of patriotism!

Image result for RuckelshausBill Ruckleshaus is a Seattle hero.  Now a very old man, one of the few Republican heroes of Watergate, the old man appeared recently in a forum with Attorney General Bob Ferguson to speak out about the weakness of the GOP in the era of Trump. Ruckleshaus stood up to Nixon when the disgraced President tried to fire the special counsel of that era, Archibald Cox.

The problem I have with Ruckleshaus is not to diminish his heroism.  However, along with his fellow Republicans any momentary morality, is swamped by a long history of GOP compliance in efforts that have undermined the Party and the country itself.

Remember Joe McCarthy? How many GOP leaders came out against that evil movement? Jow McCarthy gave us Richard Nixon! 
Remember Lee Atwater? If you do not, it was Lee Atwater working with Nixon who came up with the “southern strategy.” This turned the KKK, the white citizen councils, the Dixiecrats, and all of that into the core of today’s GOP.  
Remember Nixon?  The right wing scum, racists and uber nationalists, the heritage of Atwater and McCarthy gave us Nixon.   It is hard to remember now but the number of Repubs who stood up against Nixon was very small until the tapes came out showing the man swearing in the Oval Office.  Sorta like hearing the word “shithole” this week in the Oval Offcie? 
But wait there is more, much more. Remember Reagan? While there has been a successful PR effort to whitewash the history of the Reagan years, Reagan did conspire against the US with Iran to undermine Jimmy Carter.  Then the kindly Mr. Reagan waged an illegal foreign war by conspiring with the contras. Whether Reagan knew what he was doing or not, his aides committed treason. Even Howard Baker, serving as acting president for the years of Reagan’s apparent Alzheimer’s, undermined the core of our democracy by covering up Reagan’s illness.
And it goes on. Remember GW Bush?  Iraq 2, under the leadership of the lovable incompetent GW Bush, violated so many principles of American law and tradition. The GOP stayed silent while the US wasted  trillions of dollars in an unwinnable war and began the process that led to Donald Trump.

So, here we are again.  Ruckleshaus is too old to lead.  John McCain, himself implicated in Iran Contra and in the horrific nomination fo Sarah Pain as Vice President now is dying of gliobastoma. 

Is Romney the GOP savior?  Paul Ryan?  Jeff Flake? 

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