Search for MH-370 resumes

Malayasian authorites have accepted an offer from a Texas company to search for missing Malayasian Airlines Flight 370, which disappeared in March 2014 and crashed in the Indian Ocean, on a contingent basis, i.e., the company gets paid only if they find the wreckage.

The searchers will focus on a 25,000 sq. km. area northeast of previously searched areas, based on updated analyses of where the plane may have gone down, including drift analyses of the MH370 debris recovered so far and satellite imagery possibly showing floating debris.

Some experts have argued the original searches missed the probable crash area. That much smaller (but still large) area will now be searched. The new search area is roughly the size of Vermont.

Read story here and here.

Images: General search area (top); black squares depict location of satellite images (bottom) 

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