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Dancing with a Raven


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Who’s the laziest president?

Dubya was pretty darn lazy, but there’s a new competitor in town.    [...]

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Winter Vacation


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Republicans think you’re stupid.

“Trump, Republican lawmakers and their allies* are betting … ordinary Americans will have no objection if corporations and the wealthy receive the bulk of the tax-cut gains so long as middle class households … also receive some benefits.” (Click here for source.)┬áPolls say t[...]

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If horses could vote …

… get a load of that expression.  [...]

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Sore loser.

Roy Moore has filed suit to block today’s scheduled certification of the U.S. Senate special election he lost to Democrat Doug Jones, alleging unspecified “irregularities” and demanding a new election. Moore previously claimed the election outcome was tainted by voting fraud, witho[...]