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Happy Holidays


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Why the GOP tax bill isn’t the victory they say it is.

Although President Trump and Congressional Republicans are hailing their tax bill as a great legislative victory, they failed to achieve many of their objectives and suffered significant defeats. Among them: * They failed to eliminate the estate tax. * They failed to eliminate the alternative minimu[...]

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Trump’s Christmas greeting to CNN

Don’t overthink this. Chalk it up to Trump’s sense of humor. Otherwise, it may look petty, vindictive, and churlish; not to mention self-deluding. (Read story here.)  [...]

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Merry Christmas Eve


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Laws pertaining to what Jews must eat on Christmas

Avi Ibrahim Balser: According to the ORAL TRADITION, Jews eat Chinese food on Christmas, EXCEPT when Chanukah falls during Christmas, in which case, Jews must eat Potato Latkes, UNLESS they live in ERETZ YISRAEL, in which case they must eat SUFGANIYOT. By my esteemed friend Rebbetzin and Paskanit Ju[...]

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Merry Christmas


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North Pole at Christmastime