We previously posted about this story. Two Michigan cops searching for a 40-year-old female stabbing suspect drew guns on a terrified 11-year-old black girl, then handcuffed and detained her.

Now, the police chief says the cops “followed procedure” and won’t be disciplined, and spewed bureaucratic double-talk:

“‘What that doesn’t mean is that we don’t recognize that there is a need for us to look at what occurred and identify opportunities here to ensure different outcomes in the future,’ he said. ‘Concrete steps are being taken to ensure equitable outcomes in our interactions with the community.'”

How the heck can threatening a kid with deadly force when the suspect is an adult be proper procedure ? Simple. In that town, the police department has total control over the investigation and discipline process. In other words, the police chief can make any arbitrary decision he wants to. Sounds like that town, already facing accusations of racist policing, needs a new police chief. Read story here.

Photo: Grand Rapids, MI, police chief David Rahinsky

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