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THE Ave Challenge: What is this Christmas Pie?

A.  Meat and potato pie launched outside a pub in Wigan in the UK B. Christmas pie from new Christmas short : Captain’s first Christmas C. Broadcast from International Space Station  D. What happens when a frozen pie is exposed to the vacuum of space E. Cranberry special pie from TV ad by O[...]

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Amtrak wreck near Olympia kills 3, injures 100

An Amtrak train derailed and plunged off an overpass onto the southbound lanes of Interstate 5 north of Olympia during the Monday morning commute, killing 3 people and injuring dozens more. Amtrak said 77 passengers, 6 crew members, and a technician were aboard the train, which was inaugurating a ne[...]

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A Christmas Treat


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Seventh Night of Hanukkah: Keeping the Toys Kosher

Store Where Toys Must Be Kosher – In this toy store, Batman and Spider-Man are not heroes. For one thing, said Barbara Shine, manager of Double Play Toys in Borough Park, Brooklyn, the characters encourage interest in television, and the ultra-Orthodox Jewish families who make up her clientele[...]