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What do you say at Christmas Time?

I am Jewish .. so here is what I say:   If I know you are not a Christian but not sure what else   HAPPY HOLIDAYS   If I know you are Muslim (this year)   EID MUBARAK NABE   If I know you are Christian   MERRY CHRISTMAS   If I know you […][...]

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Christmas Presents

Still in production after nearly 70 years: Acme Chrome Dinettes made from 1949 to 1959! – Retro… Are you looking for a vintage dinette but are having trouble finding just what you want? How about: Order a new dinette — made by a company using its original designs… RETRORENOVATION.C[...]

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SUNDAY REVELATIONS: How to drink this Xmas season


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Sixth Night of Hannukah: Death of Joseph Ibn Naghrela

On December 30, 1066, the Jewish population of Granada, Spain, fell victim to a massacre by an angry Arab crowd — with an estimated 4,000 killed. The pogrom followed the murder of Joseph Ibn Naghrela, the Jewish vizier to the Berber king of Andalusia.  In Granada, the same morning, Joseph Ibn[...]

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E.T. Went Home to Hell, The Sequel Ken Ham, director of Kentucky’s Creation Museum,  has announced that 20th Century Fox and the Creation Museum will produce a sequel to E.T. Mr. Ham explained that the movie glorified the innocence of an alien without explaining the alien’s final fate. [...]

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“Had Moses seen how my friend’s face blushes when he is drunk, and his beautiful curls and wonderful hands, he would not have written in his Torah: do not lie with a man.”[...]