Fourth Night of Hanukkah: A call for a true telling of the stories of Israel and Palestine

Fourth Night in Amharic

Just as the history of Hanukkah itself is distorted to make it into something between the Fourth of July and Christmas, the histories  of modern Israel, Palestine and the Weimar Republic  need to be understood if there is to be peace.

Eran Spiro FACEBOOK:

Just because the British Mandate of Palestine established Trans-Jordan to appease the Hashemite family that they removed from Medina, doesn’t legitimate Jordan’s existence.It is a police/army state pulled by a king and supported by the West. Judea and Samaria, the so called West Bank as it called by the UN was a poor backwater impoverish area prior to 1967. What surprises me the most is that Obama who is supposed to be a historian, is not aware of the Middle-East history (nor did many previous USA and Western administrations) due to their rapacious thirst for Oil. The fossil fuel (Oil) age is fast disappearing and with it yesterday’s policies and doctrines. The settlements in Judea and Samaria (old and new Jewish/Israeli homeland cannot be reversed nor stopped) A Palestinian nation state should take place in Trans-Jordan particularly as it is already over 80% Palestinian. Furthermore, I think that it about time that on the vast open space that currently exists on The Temple Mount, Two new buildings of worship should be constructed … A Jewish Temple for All Jews and A Christian Cathedral for All Christians. We need to stop killing each other in the name of G_D because we do not tolerate how each other worship their G-D…. Well, One can dream about a more tolerant and peaceful planet earth… Maybe then, all of us will pay more attention to healing our damaged (environmentally) world. Peace and love !

This is great and idealistic, but making peace is either a political act imposed form outside by force or an internal act between the Palestinians and the Israelis.  Unfortunately, both Israel and Palestine seem to be afflicted by even worse forms of political incompetence then afflicted Germany, prior to Hitler.

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