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Republican city official teased ‘liberal’ co-worker by waving and cocking shotgun and asking if she’s scared, then called it a ‘joke’

“A city official in Poplar Bluff, Missouri, pumped his shotgun repeatedly in the office to tease a liberal co-worker, according to court documents. “Denis Kearbey, the city’s streets superintendent, … told Missouri state troopers he only meant it as a joke, authorities say. H[...]

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Fourth Night of Hanukkah: A call for a true telling of the stories of Israel and Palestine

Just as the history of Hanukkah itself is distorted to make it into something between the Fourth of July and Christmas, the histories  of modern Israel, Palestine and the Weimar Republic  need to be understood if there is to be peace. Eran Spiro FACEBOOK: Just because the British Mandate of Pales[...]

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The Ave Challenge: What are these?