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Ancient Mayans first domesticated turkey.. from TOPNEWS

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Ancient Mayans first domesticated turkeyWashington, Aug 9 – Turkey, one of the most widely consumed birds worldwide, was domesticated by the ancient Mayans, more than 1,000 years earlier than previously believed.

The discovery of bones of a turkey from an ancient Mayan site in Guatemala provides evidence of domestication, a mark of civilization, and the earliest evidence of the Mexican turkey in the Maya world, according to University of Florida researchers.

The Mexican turkey is the ancestor of all domestic turkeys consumed in the world today and was Mesoamerica’s (extending from central Mexico to Belize and Guatemala) only indigenous domesticated animal.

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  1. 1

    And, whom do you consider the Mayans were?! They definitely were not Caucasians, who have the entire world mesmerized with their lies i.e. domesticated all animals in the so-called civilized world. Invented, and discovered everything known to mankind. In fact, they claim to be the father of mankind and all other peoples originate from them. Caucasians claim to be G-d and that fictitious Jesus Christ is/was White. I make these statements because Caucasians allege that the Mayans were not Black.

  2. theaveeditor #


    The Mayans ARE Mayans. They are descendants of humans who migrated from Northeast Asia into the Americas,

    If by Caucasians you mean the people from the Caucuses who migrated into Europe about 8000 years ago, no the Mayans are not part of that group.

    As for the rest: I too suspect that most fo thr story of the Caucasian deity, Jesus, is mythical.

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