Moore supporters and their excuses

Reasons conservatives give for supporting Roy Moore:

  • Jesus’ dad did it — so Moore was being Biblical
  • It was so long ago that she’s the age of consent now
  • Only one of his victims was 14-years old-— the rest were 16 and 17
  • Yeah, 14-years old but c’mon, it was probably consensual (Hannity)
  • It was the girl’s fault somehow for not making “good decisions”
  • The rape wasn’t “forcible” enough to be a concern
  • Screw the victims, they should all be prosecuted for coming forward now
  • Yeah, child rape and all, but at least he’s not a Democrat—I’m voting for him anyway

Response: “Hey, Trump voters: I don’t give a … about your needs, anxieties, or economic troubles.  When you [excuse] the rape or assault of children, I’m … done with you.” Read the commentary here.

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