SUNDAY REVELATIONS: God is usually not defined.  

Mad Scientist oster icoA mad scientist comments on  God.

I have never seen, touched or sensed God, but that may be because I lave never heard a description of God that would tell mne how I might encounter this reality.  

Te ling  me you have met God does not help.  Some  claim to be God and others claim to hear God in their heads.  This does not help me because the wanna be Gods are never very convincing .. they lack any powers I do not also have.  As for those who hear or see God, why would. I not sonfuse them with psychotics or people possed by the devil?  Anyhow, if their experiences of God are real, which experience am I to accept?   How is it that othe people who have these experiences describe very different Gods?

So, if there is a God, then it, she or he has never become manifest to my senses.

So maybe there is as kind of God I can never sense?  That is OK, someone who wishes to believe in an entity that does not infringe on the sensible world is welcome to do so.

Certainly the sorts of Gods described by Jefferson or the Gods used by Buddhists to represent subjective states are undefinable and not physically anthropomorphic . Still God or Gods may be useful in the same way that Freudiaa constructs are useful. There are no physical structures like an EGO or an ID but a Freudian may find these made up minor deities useful imaginary tools.
Sometimes God has been recognized as the sense of wonder.  Einstein believed there was some underlying wonder.  I feel wonder over scince and I feel wonder at my love for my wife.  OK, but is that what James Austin means?
It seems to me that the problem with Christian and Muslim Gods is their physicality. The Jewish God is much less physical and, not being expected to be good, the unnameable Deity of the Jews, is a lot less likely to be imposed on non believers by war, social constraint, or evangelism.

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