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Breast Feeding


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THE -Ave Challenge

Donald Trump’s third son. Republican chair, Ohio George Zimmerman Ralph Nader, Jr.  Cher’s son.[...]

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A Statue Appropriate For The New Chinese Empire

Statue for a Chinese Warrior   This 158-foot-tall bronze figure depicts Guan Yu, an ancient Chinese general, now  majestically towers over Jingzhou, China. Shanghaiist says that over 4,000 strips of bronze have been stuck onto the body of Guan Yu and he stands atop the 86,000 square foot Guan Yu[...]

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State debt and pension liabilities, by state

This chart counts both state debt and future pension obligations. Note that in Washington, the state constitution forbids deficit spending, and the state debt consists of capital investments (roads and bridges, schools, office buildings, etc.) that contribute to the economy and are the types of expe[...]

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A Boon to Trump’s Churches

The Johnson Amendment is a 1954 federal law (named for sponsor and then-Senator LBJ) prohibiting churches and charities from endorsing political candidates, at the risk of losing their tax exempt status. Donald Trump has vowed to “destroy” the law, which would be a boon to some of the ch[...]