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SUNDAY REVELATIONS: Patriotic Christianity


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Why Men Like Ferraris

How Sperm Cells Get Stripped Down And Ready To Race 2 Meg Neal shared a post by Diane Kelly Lots of human cells are specialized, but I can’t think of any that are as stripped down to a single purpose as spermatozoa. Sperm have just one job, and they’ll die doing it.[...]

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Where Universities Are The Largest Empoyers

This may be dated, but it does raise a very real issue for WASTATE. If you include academic dependent industries .. the tech industries and healthcare … are UW and WSU now the state’s largest employers?[...]

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Columbus Day

Remembering the rest f the story .. the travails of the Lakota people at the hands of Abe Lincoln.[...]

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Rise and Fall of The US: A Chinese Billionaire explains

Alibaba founder Jack Ma has a brutal theory of how America went wrong over the past 30 years Alibaba founder Jack Ma thinks America focused too much on war and Wall Street. BUSINESSINSIDER.COM[...]