When The Arts Are Too Expensive

 Lixa Pustelnik, FACEBOOK

It comes to my mind that I am missing something by not seeing Hamilton. Not that I am *not* seeing Hamilton for any reason other than economic and supply chain.

Well, and that I am not very cultured.
I’m sure I should do theatre more often, but it seems quite cost prohibitive; one of the reasons I don’t do sporting events either is because it costs too much money. With one major breadwinner in the house, and an ever increasing list of things to pay for (including that lovely rent increase) culture must take a backseat. Though, to be fair to culture, I dont even know if it is in the car at this point (which is parked in the driveway waiting for a trip to the radiator shop for a tiny weld).  According to one website there are 4 tickets available for the matinee today, 350 bucks a piece, for a play?!?!?! Who does that? Well, I know, a lot of people do, and bravo for them, really!
Granted, priorities – and mine are feeding the kids, paying the rent, dressing the beasts for football (ugh), fixing the car, getting the boy to space camp and some grandparent time, and seeing the eclipse this year,  getting miles under my belt (which is free),  getting Brutus his heartworm meds and rabbies shot, etc…
I don’t have the money for hoytie toytie culturey stuff – I’m glad people are seeing it, I’m glad it is doing well, I’ll happily listen to stories abt it – almost like I’m there, right 😉
This is what happens in my brain when I wake up on a Sunday morning without the umph to go out for a wander…

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