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Germany: Unification Day

Reunification celebrations in Hanover in 2014. Photo: DPA 10 things you never knew about German reunification With German Unity Day (October 3rd) happening on Monday, Germans are looking forward to a three-day weekend. But did you know these facts about reunification and German Unity Day?[...]

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Why Children Grown Up Today

David Preston added 3 new photos. The Children’s Room .In the old days they used to set aside sections in graveyards for all the little children who’d passed. When the parents died, the family could have the children’s remains reburied with them, but there were cases where the pare[...]

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Trumpism Explained in a Cartoon


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Trump Themed TP

Mexico markets Trump themed tp, proceeds help migrants Orange Julius-themed toilet paper will hit the shelves this year, and 30% of the profits go towards helping migrants. Via CNN affiliate Expansion: Del enfado… BOINGBOING.NET Buy Amazon version here In Color!     Cartoons  [...]

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Sniper kills 59, wounds 527, at Las Vegas country music festival A wealthy retired accountant, who owned rental property and two private planes, barricaded himself in a hotel room overlooking an outdoor country music concert in Las Vegas and opened fire at a crowd of 22,000 concertgoers Sunday night[...]

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As Books Go the Way of The Buggy Whip

SHOULD PhD Theses be Embargoed? There is a lot of angst about open access among  young PhDs.  Traditionally newly minted scholars have made their way financially through getting their theses published.  This led to a few dollars from the publishers and to job offers from universities. That situat[...]