Driving in Seattle

Christopher Goodwin
(July 23, 2016)
Earlier this evening I had the money a fortune to be driving in Capitol Hill where my daughter wanted to go to dinner. Everywhere I turned I found myself being cut off by an Uber who would then stop in the middle of the road to disgorge its occupants, or suddenly change lanes in front of me while driving 15mph then stop dead to put on a turn signal, or suddenly come to a stop as though looking for something then spasm back into traffic.

We made it off the hill and through Montlake and proceeded along 23rd toward my old house where my ex still lives to pick up some things my daughter had forgotten. Just as we came to the bottom of the 45th street viaduct a Prius Uber in the right lane suddenly slowed up a stop and put on its left turn signal just as I passed doing 30 in the left lane. He then attempted to drive his Prius up under my truck by placing the front corner of that little car in front of my passenger side rear 35″ tire.

I felt the back end of the truck shift slightly and in my mirror I could see the Prius bounce back into his lane.

It seems so odd to me that it is illegal to talk on the phone while driving but all these untrained go overs can drive around with their phones mounted to the dashboard as they try to read the display, navigate and deal with customers.

The Prius had a large section of plastic loosely unattached and a large black spiral pattern in rubber now a scar in its paint. My truck had no damage.

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