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The GOP’s environmental crime of the century

Bristol Bay is one of the world’s most productive salmon fisheries. The Trump administration is preparing to sacrifice this priceless resource to mining interests.    “(CNN) Within hours of meeting with a mining company CEO, the new head of the US Environmental Protection Agency direc[...]

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A tweet worth 1,000 words

Daniel W. Drezner‏Verified account @dandrezner Follow More “They won’t show this,” Trump says, which I know because I’m watching CNN. “They won’t show the crowd,” he says, as CNN shows this image: 5:32 PM – 22 Sep 2017 127 Retweets 239 Likes 21 re[...]

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GOP Senate candidate can’t even spell

Can you spot the typo? By the way, if Alabama voters elect this nutjob, they really do deserve him. You get what you vote for. Read story here.[...]

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Mashup of a FACEBOOK graphic


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A Tale of Two Tweets


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Why Isn’t Leaving a Gun in Your Car a Felony?

In the United States, 1,600 guns are stolen every day—and many of those end up being used in crimes. If I leave my keys in the car and someone steals it and uses it in a crime I am guilty of a felony. If I leave a gun on the seat and someone breaks in […][...]

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How To Spot Fascism Before It’s Too Late

Strength Through Unity How To Spot Fascism Before It’s Too Late by Maia Kobabe Posted May 4th, 2017  [...]